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On Tue, 28 Aug 2001, Darren Kinley (EMC) wrote:

> Hello,
> Naturally, I need to have the box ready yesterday.  Is it reasonable to
> think that I'll make RH7.1 (RedHat distribution) run on this HW without
> any support from Dell?  Dell makes it easy enough to buy a new system
> running their variant of RedHat 7.1 SBE but I haven't yet found an
> option

You want a "Customer Kit". see for part numbers.
Give these part numbers to your salesperson and they will send you the
Red Hat 7.1 SBE.

Red Hat Linux 7.1 SBE - kernel 2.4.3-6 - x86 PowerEdge Servers only. Dell
SKU 420-3243, MOD# 9E996, Part# 1F080.

I would not recommend running Red Hat 7.1 retail.

> to buy just the media and required drivers.  Has anyone done this and
> how long did it take to get the CDs?  Is download an option?

Download is not currently an option.

> Any advice that will help me to reach my goal or prevent me from
> wasting

I believe that Matt sent you an email with firmware links. You most
probably need new firmware for you PERC card. see

> I see the Compaq install is finishing up, got to run...

Sticks and stones...

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