RedHat 7.1 performance/scalability tuning

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Wed Aug 29 08:44:01 CDT 2001

If tuning for performance, run qmail or postfix instead of sendmail.


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I am working on a set of new mail servers and need to improve some of
the default characteristics.  I've already recompiled my glic to allow
the number of threads to be increased and now I am looking into some
file system tuning. I have found several references on increasing the
number of open files allowed but these are for 2.2.x kernels and not
2.4.x kernels.

The things I've seen to change are:
echo 128000 > /proc/sys/fs/inode-max
echo 64000 > /proc/sys/fs/file-max
ulimit -n 64000
editing the /etc/sysctl.conf file as sticking in some values.

The problem is that /proc/sys/fs/inode-max does not exist on these
systems and the MAX_INODE definitions do not exist in the source. Is
specifying the maximum number of inode no longer necessary in the 2.4.x

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