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>>>>> "Darren" == Darren Kinley (EMC) <Darren.Kinley at> writes:
  Darren> Hello,
  Darren> any support from Dell?  Dell makes it easy enough to buy a new system 
  Darren> running their variant of RedHat 7.1 SBE but I haven't yet found an option
  Darren> to buy just the media and required drivers.  Has anyone done this and
  Darren> how long did it take to get the CDs?  Is download an option?

I currently have that problem with Dell in France. I cannot easily
install RH6.2 retail on my PE2500s because of the AAC Raid adapter,
since the driver was not included, and all Dell driver diskette work
only with 6.2 SBE 2. I've provided the part number found on to Dell in France to order both RH6.2 SBE 2 and RH
7.1 SBE, but unfortunately, after numerous phone calls (and 2 sets of
CD sent by mail which were the retail ones instead of SBE), the only
answer I got is "you must buy a new server" ...

I don't think you can even order a new server with RH6.2 anymore ... 

The good answer to that problem would be downloadable ISO images (like
RedHat does for the retail)... 

I don't need RH7.1 SBE that much, but I REALLY need a 6.2 that anyone
here can install (without spending the time to try and rebuild the
driver diskettes for the retail edition).

my .02$

-- pw

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