Is this reasonable?

Ries van twisk rvt at
Wed Aug 29 01:06:00 CDT 2001

> "Darren Kinley (EMC)" wrote:
> Hello,
> A Dell 4300 with add on RAID controller and running RedHat 6.2 was
> dropped on my desk many hours ago along with a request to install
> RedHat 7.1 and a list of required software packages.
Ok, they are right. RH 7.1 is the newest RH distro.

> The RedHat media does not recognize the RAID controller and cannot
> find a place to install the OS.  After hours of surfing I've come to
> the
> conclusion that most people owning Dell PowerEdge servers with RAID
> are still running software that is a year and a half out of date.  In
> addition,
> I've also seen some pretty scary kludges for running other variants of
> Linux on this hardware.  Attempts to get software from Dell inevitably
> leadme to kernel 2.2.x drivers.
Not true. You can install and download the newest drivers and kernels. I
think that 2.4.9 is the newest Linux kernel and is functioning on the PE
servers. I do run a 2.4.5 kernel on one of my PE I maintain. The RH
distro from DELL made it pretty simple to install such a machine. The
last time I did a installation (Debian) I had it up and running in two
ours. That was my third install of a PE. Currently it run's a 2.2.17
kernel but as soon as I get the time I'm going to install a 2.4.9-XFS
kernel (journaling & ACL fs) on in.
If you are new the to the world of Linux its indeed a bit differcult to
install a PE. I'm not so familair with the NT world. It took me a whole
day to install a PE1300 and figure out how to load the SCSI drivers into
the NT kernel. (Debian installed it from CD :-)  )

> Naturally, I need to have the box ready yesterday.  Is it reasonable to
> think that I'll make RH7.1 (RedHat distribution) run on this HW
> without
> any support from Dell?  Dell makes it easy enough to buy a new system
> running their variant of RedHat 7.1 SBE but I haven't yet found an
> option
> to buy just the media and required drivers.  Has anyone done this and
> how long did it take to get the CDs?  Is download an option?
I don't use RH and never will use RH. I'm a Debian user and I just love
that Distro. And yes it's differcult to get 'special' attention from the
Linux guy's on dell. I found the webside which greatly
simplifies installation of PE server. That's MY support. I don't expect
good support from company's like dell when we talk about Linux. (Ever
tries to get support from MS? They always tell you it's not there
problem and ask you to re-install the system)
Ow and if you boss asks you to install under two ours orso tell him
that's impossible. Good system installation takes lots of time and
cannot be done quickly

> Any advice that will help me to reach my goal or prevent me from
> wasting
> more time is greatly appreciated.
You did come to the right lists. Lot's of people can help you out here
and I'm reall sorry I can't because I don't run RH.


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