debian kernel building (was: Re: Matt Domsch's Linux page)

Neil Spring nspring at
Fri Aug 24 13:27:01 CDT 2001

> if ur running debian (sounded like it) simply convert the SRPMS via alien?

if ur running debian, 

mkdir -p ~/redhat/usr/src/rpm/SOURCES
cd redhat
rpm --root `pwd` -i ../kernel-2.4.2-2.src.rpm
find . -name "*bcm*"

the right way to apply the patch is probably to place it in
/usr/src/kernel-package/apply, and follow the instructions
in the make-kpkg man page:

--added_patches foo
    The argument should be a comma or  space  separated
    list  of  additional patches to the kernel sources.
    This requires  the  patch_the_kernel  configuration
    option  to  be  set to YES. Unlike the treatment of
    the modules, you may only give the patch name  (not
    the full path name of the patch file).  It shall be
    applied during the configure phase (and removed  in
    the clean phase) if it can be found in the directo­
    ries ALL_PATCH_DIR/{apply,unpatch}/, which defaults
    to a subdirectory of /usr/src/kernel-patches/.  The
    default  is  that  all  patches  are   applied   if
    requested    (By    setting    the   env   variable

to generate a broadcom supporting debian kernel package.

I only mention this because you can also consider applying
the aacraid patches or whatever else, without having to
reapply them every time you upgrade the kernel.

caveat emptor - I don't do this myself, I use cvs.

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