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Chris Chabot chabotc at
Fri Aug 24 06:34:00 CDT 2001

Actualy, getting the Broadcom card working is quite easy. There's a few
way to get it. First of all, Redhat 7.1 and above supports the card
nativly (and also the AAC card). If however u prefer a custom kernel OR
dont run redhat, simply take the redhat SRPMS of the kernel, install it,
grab the patch from /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES (ur looking for
linux-x.x.x-bcm5700.patch). Apply this patch to a plain vanilla tree, and
u can select 'Broadcom Gigabit Adapter' in menu config...

if ur running debian (sounded like it) simply convert the SRPMS via alien?

(ps, i hope those dual eepro's use 64bit pci? else the 500mbit network is
kinda overkill for a 33mhz/32bit pci bus :P)

    -- Chris

Robert Sander wrote:

> Hi!
> I just wanted to say: what a great page!
> Thank you for providing the aacraid kernel patch and even links
> to debian boot images.
> I have one question: Are there any plans to make the Gigabit Ethernet
> card working that is onboard the 2550? Currently I have no need
> for it as way only have 100Mbit/s switches. I put another two
> dual port eepro100's into the 2550 and do port trunking so that the
> 2550 has a 500Mbit/s connection to our LAN.
> But it would be interesting for the future.
> Greetings
> --
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