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You are needing to perform a battery recondition on the battery for the raid
on the motherboard.  You will need the afacli raid utility loaded to perform
the recondition.  You can get this from http://domsch.com/linux and after is
installed command to start is "afacli".  Next command is: "open afa0".  Then
type: "controller battery_recondition /always=TRUE" and should start the
recondition.  This will disable cache and slow down performance on the
server and is best run at slow business hours.  It will take 8 - 10 hours to
complete and the error should go away.  By the way this is a reoccuring
instance every 6 months.  It is so that the controller can discharge and
then recharge the battery to extend it's life.

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I'm running a PE2550 with RH7.1, kernel 2.4.2-2.  Every so often (maybe
once an hour?), the message "AAC:Batte" will pop up on the console, and
I can't find any information on what that means.  The server seems to be
running fine, could this be related to the RAID battery perhaps?  Any
help is appreciated.  Thanks!

Portland, OR
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