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Thu Aug 23 11:59:00 CDT 2001

Official Linux support should arrive in SAN 5.0. Look for an announcement
here when that happens.

Currently, if you want to run with Linux connected to you SAN, it should
"Just Work" (see below). Of course, to administer the SAN, you currently
need a Microsoft box to run the administration software.

To get to the state where it "Just Works", you need a few things. First,
Red Hat Linux 7.1. Second, you need to upgrade to the 2.4.3-12 errata
kernel (minimum). After that, you should be able to connect your systems
and see all available SAN storage.

If you can get it to work yourself, great. If not, support will be
available starting with SAN 5.0. You can call tech support at that time.

On Thu, 23 Aug 2001, Chris Bradshaw wrote:

> Hi.....
> I saw the Linux web page and I have some questions. I have a Dell
> PowerVault
> SAN comprising some PowerVault 51F fibre switches and some PowerVault
> 660F
> RAID disk arrays.
> Attached to the SAN will be a number of PowerEdge 1500 and 6450 servers
> each
> with a Qlogic 2200 Fibre Channel (Optical) HBAs.
> I would like to install RedHat Linux on some of these servers and make
> use
> of the SAN for storage....
> I was just wondering if anyone reading this could tell me if:
> * It is possible to get RedHat Linux to work with the SAN hardware
> listed above?
> * If it is not possible now, is it in the pipeline for the future?
> * If it is possible, are there any instructions, howto's or tips which
> you could point
>   me at to help me get started?
> Thanx in advance.
> Chris.
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