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I can get that info for you.  We've had a tech here in server support get
the hba 2.1 cards to access the san but you still will need a microsoft box
to administer the san.  I'll get with him and see if there is any

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I saw the Linux web page and I have some questions. I have a Dell
SAN comprising some PowerVault 51F fibre switches and some PowerVault
RAID disk arrays.

Attached to the SAN will be a number of PowerEdge 1500 and 6450 servers
with a Qlogic 2200 Fibre Channel (Optical) HBAs.

I would like to install RedHat Linux on some of these servers and make
of the SAN for storage....

I was just wondering if anyone reading this could tell me if:

* It is possible to get RedHat Linux to work with the SAN hardware
listed above?
* If it is not possible now, is it in the pipeline for the future?
* If it is possible, are there any instructions, howto's or tips which
you could point
  me at to help me get started?

Thanx in advance.


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