Linux Support

matt matt at
Thu Aug 23 09:27:01 CDT 2001


I am a nearly satisfied customer! I have recently bought a 2550,
and it looks like a great machine.

I greatly appreciate your Linux support, (in fact if you didn't
support I wouldn't have bought), but I am complaining about your
RedHat only stance.

Almost all the software you release seems to be RPMs and RedHat
based. For those of us who use other (more stable) distributions
it makes things more difficult.

I am currently trying to get hardware monitoring working for the
RAID, but it seems like you only provide binary only RPMs. Binaries
are no use!

I'm glad that some of the big boys of computing are finally seeing
the light with regards to Linux. It is destined to become more and
more popular as a server platform.



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