Dual Port Ethernet not working on PE2550 [FIXED]

Maki mk2s at digitalcommute.com
Wed Aug 22 09:05:00 CDT 2001

Thanks to all that have helped me out.  My PE2550s are now rebooting without loosing ethernet.

The thing that I changed that made the difference I think was the IRSs.

The original setup gave irq 10 and 5 to the intel ether in slot3, while irq 5 was also given to the internal broadcom, as well as one of the scsi devices and 10 was given also to another scsi device.  The internal  intel eepro100 was give the irq 11.

The new setup now has irq 11 for internal eepro, external eepro port 1, and port 2(in other words all eepros have irq 11).  I don't know if it's optimal to assigne the same irq to all of the eepros, but it seems to be working with that.
Thanks again,


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