Oracle Parallel Server on Linux on PowerEdge mlwebb at
Tue Aug 21 16:14:00 CDT 2001

I wonder if you may have an insight into a problem I have running Oracle
Parallel Server 8i on Redhat linux on Poweredge servers with a Powervault
array.  We purchased the system as specified by the Dell Server division to
run OPS 8.1.7 on linux.  We have 2 Poweredge 2450 servers, each with a
PERC2/DC card and a Powervault set up for a cluster.  I have included an
html file documenting correspondence with both Dell and Oracle.  The
problem is with a 'DiskPingThread' watchdog.  I have tried the
megaraid-1.15d version of the PERC2/DC driver, but the problem still

If you need any information let me know or if you can not really help, it
is ok.

The html doc of the Oracle/Dell correspondence:
(See attached file: tar.html)

Thank You,
Mike Webb
mlwebb at
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