Swap with 16 Gb of RAM

Matt_Domsch@Dell.com Matt_Domsch at Dell.com
Tue Aug 21 10:43:00 CDT 2001

> Is swap file faster than partition or vice versa?

Not really.  One school of thought says that partitions are faster as you
don't have to go through the file system layer for every I/O.  The other
school says "true, but you've got to move your disk head further, off of
your file system partition over to a swap partition, and disks are slow."
The third school of thought says "swap, why are you swapping?  Buy more
RAM!".  :-)

> I have just compiled 2.4.8 a few days ago. Would you 
> recommend going with 2.4.9 or ac kernels?

I haven't followed that closely.  People generally seem happier with 2.4.8ac
right now, but I don't think that all the VM changes lately have been rolled
in there.


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