Swap with 16 Gb of RAM

Vsevolod Ilyushchenko simonf at cshl.org
Tue Aug 21 10:38:01 CDT 2001


> That output shows that all 16 gigs of ram are used,
> not just 4 as you said.  12 gigs are file cache so
> you must be working with a lot of data or very large
> files.  

This is true. Genomic data.

> But anyway... if you're running out of ram
> AND swap, you can increase your swap to avoid that
> problem, just add more drives or swap partitions.

But, afaik, kernel will throw out file cache pages when it needs more ram
for data. 
> Increasing your swap will not solve your problem
> with kswapd taking lots of cpu time though, or the
> fact that you had to hit swap in the first place.

This is the question - how do I debug it? I wanted to understand what's
goin on before blindly throwing swap space as the problem. Well, Matt
Domsch says 2.4.9 should fix some swap bugs...
> Your 8450 server can handle up to 32 gigs of memory,
> I'd just put more in it and that should solve your
> problem. 

But I am barely using just a quarter of my memory!!

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