Swap with 16 Gb of RAM

Hubbard, David dhubbard at dino.hostasaurus.com
Tue Aug 21 10:23:11 CDT 2001

That output shows that all 16 gigs of ram are used,
not just 4 as you said.  12 gigs are file cache so
you must be working with a lot of data or very large
files.  But anyway... if you're running out of ram
AND swap, you can increase your swap to avoid that
problem, just add more drives or swap partitions.

Increasing your swap will not solve your problem
with kswapd taking lots of cpu time though, or the
fact that you had to hit swap in the first place.

Your 8450 server can handle up to 32 gigs of memory,
I'd just put more in it and that should solve your
problem.  Memory is very cheap right now if you don't
buy it from Dell, here's a link to crucial.com for
high-quality Micron memory with a lifetime warranty.
This link is for 1 GB chips that will work in your
8450, they cost $243/each and you have to add them
in pairs.


Good luck, that's quite a server you have there,


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I have a Dell 8450 with 16 Gb of RAM used for running biological
computations. Currently I have 3.5 Gb of swap, and sometimes it is almost
completely used up even when only 4 Gb of RAM is used. Worse of all,
sometimes kswapd takes up a lot of CPU time. Here is a recent free output:

             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:      16490952   16486332       4620          0        420   12197416
-/+ buffers/cache:    4288496   12202456
Swap:      3578664    2915448     663216

I am trying to understand what is going on, but I do not know much about
swap usage or how to debug it. I do not even know about the proper
newsgroup/mailing list to ask this question, except the linux-kernel list.
(I am not sure whether I should go that far. :)

Thanks in advance for any ideas,
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