Dual Port Ethernet not working on PE2550

Maki mk2s at digitalcommute.com
Mon Aug 20 09:34:00 CDT 2001


  Thanks for the reply.  Perhaps I wasn't clear enough, I'm not having any problems with the onboard e100 or broadcom; they seem to work as expected.  My issue is with the dual-port ethernet card that these PE2550s came with.(it was an option when ordering from dell, but maybe they are not supported with Linux?  These servers were shipped as w2k servers)

  I'm going to try eepro-diag and different cables/switch ports, but 4 out of 4(2 machines with dual port cards) are not working suggesting to me that it's more than a flaky cable/port.  I'll also try forcing the mode to 100FD.



>The PowerEdge 2550 has an Embedded Intel Pro 100+ NIC (82559 Chipset) and
>the Embedded Broadcom Gigabit NIC.  It does not have an on-board dual port
>Intel Pro 100+ NIC.  Using either the eepro100 or e100 native module works
>fine under Linux 7.1.  It could be a negotation issue between the on-board
>NIC and your Cisco 29xx switch.  Either try another switch, port, or force
>your negotation to 10Mbps or 100Mbps.  Also, one thing you may want to look
>at is the cable that is plugged into the back of the Intel NIC on the
>server, make sure that it is not loose and it has a good connection.

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