Dual Port Ethernet not working on PE2550

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Mon Aug 20 07:40:01 CDT 2001


The PowerEdge 2550 has an Embedded Intel Pro 100+ NIC (82559 Chipset) and
the Embedded Broadcom Gigabit NIC.  It does not have an on-board dual port
Intel Pro 100+ NIC.  Using either the eepro100 or e100 native module works
fine under Linux 7.1.  It could be a negotation issue between the on-board
NIC and your Cisco 29xx switch.  Either try another switch, port, or force
your negotation to 10Mbps or 100Mbps.  Also, one thing you may want to look
at is the cable that is plugged into the back of the Intel NIC on the
server, make sure that it is not loose and it has a good connection.

Jeremy Sheard
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maybe the negotiation isn't working with your cisco switch? (35xx
and eepro communicating very well here).
 have you looked at the messages while loading the eth0/1 module? you
could also try eepro-diag from donald becker...


Dirk Wetter
Renaissance Techologies Corp./NY

On Sun, 19 Aug 2001, Maki wrote:

> I've been trying to configure our new PE2550 with RH7.1 and have been
having problems with the dual port ethernet card that the machine came with.
The card works fine when first powered on, but when warm-booted, both ports
on the ethernet card don't link up to the switch(cisco29xx).
> Has anyone else seen this problem?
> I have two PE2550s that do exactly the same thing.  I've tried the
eepro100 drivers from RH7.1 and the
> e100(1.5.6) drivers from RH7.1, and the
> newer 1.6.13 e100 drivers from intel web site, and they make no
difference.  No leds, no link no signal etc.  ifconfig up/down makes no
difference.  rmmod/modprobe makes no difference.  Once I reboot I cant get
to those ethernet ports until I power cycle.
> The drivers tell me the board assembly is 751110-004.  Not a number that
matches on Intel's site.  Also the driver detects the cards as OEM instead
of Intel.  The onboard ethernet is detected as Intel and works fine.
> I thought the PE2550s shipped with Intel dual port cards?  I'm planning on
calling Dell tomorrow morning, other than that does anyone have any
> Thanks for any help you can give me,
> ....maki....
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