Debian kernel package Matt_Domsch at
Sat Aug 18 18:04:00 CDT 2001

> The aacraid patch is included in the kernel-source package as 
> of version  2.2.19-7


> But the debian maintainers says that they would prefer that 
> the patch was included in the officiall Linux kernel.

Yeah, I'd like to see it in the official kernel too.  Chances are slim on
that happening any time soon.  The big rewrite to "not make it look like an
NT driver" probably won't happen as Linux developers at Adaptec are few and
far between, and those that they have are pretty busy.  I took a look at
what it would take, and decided I didn't have the time myself either.

> So it is not certain that the aacraid patch will bee included on the
> woody boot disks.

OK.  Can someone let me know if it's in there when woody comes out?  

> Potato bootdisks can be downloaded from:

Yep, got this one there already.  I do really appreciate you making the
HOWTO and floppies.

> And the aacraid-enabled kernel can be downloaded from:
> rce-2.2.19/kernel-source-2.2.19_2.2.19-7_all.deb

I've added this to the list on  Thanks!

> PS.
> Whats the status of the 2.4.x series OpenManage Server Agent drivers?
> Will the Debian users be able to use Hardware Monitoring on 
> PowerEdge servers?

OpenManage team at Dell is working on it.  Don't know quite when it'll be
ready for the public, but yes, the plan is to allow use with any kernel.
I'm counting on that meaning Debian too.


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