Dirk Wetter dirkw at rentec.com
Fri Aug 17 18:33:00 CDT 2001

Hi Michael,

thx for the info! With the new BIOS i did some iterations to get the
optimal lilo.conf file. i am using lilo 21.6 (distro is SuSE 7.x).
under the preinstalled RedHat 6.x/7.x that *might* be different,
though i don't expect it to be (in any case you might want to
disable the graphical lilo, see lilo.conf(5)).
 the entry which still makes a problem with the DELL 1550, is
the serial definition in the (global) section. everything else,
also the "message=" is fine.

i thought that might be interesting for others, too ....


Dirk Wetter
Renaissance Technologies Corp./NY

On Mon, 6 Aug 2001, Michael E Brown wrote:

> On Sat, 4 Aug 2001, Dirk wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > we have a couple of 1550s, from the hardware perspective they
> > are great computers. the very new ones we got recently also have
> > PXE boot on board (btw: is it possible to upgrade the old ones?).
> BIOS A04 is available for download at http://support.dell.com/filelib. It
> has support for PXE and can be put on all your 1550s.


> > i have a few questions however concerning remote/lights out
> > management:
> >
> > - if i enable bios AND lilo serial direction, lilo's getting
> > stuck at "LI".
> >    it's reproducible with the old systems, i haven't checked the
> > new ones
> >    we got yet.
> BIOS Bug. 1) upgrade to A04, 2) Turn off serial redirection in LILO, and
> get rid of the "message=" line. The BIOS will handle redirection of the
> LILO prompt for you and everything should work fine.


> Michael Brown
> Linux OS Development
> Dell Computer Corp

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