Drivers for PERC 3/DC for RedHat 6.2? Carl_Niskern at
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What you are asking can't be done on Dell's older raid controllers.

Any array you remove, even if you intended for it to be permenant, is seen
by the controller as a failed array. This goes for the AMI controllers
mostly, but the Adaptec one also can tag an array and not be able to forget
about it.

For what you are talking, on an AMI PERC, you would have to clear all array
info, make your hardware drive changes, and recreate your arrays. If you
write down array info, order of drive in array, cache type, stripe size, and
array size, you can just tag the drives in correct order, create the new
array with those settings and NOT initialize the new array. Now your data is
right where you left it.

Of course you would want to have a very up to date backup just in case. 
We all know that sometimes every thing goes wrong.

The best all around solution, for system stability, would be to backup
everything, low-level format all drives (including the new ones) to remove
all array info and previous stripe info, create new arrays, and rebuild the
system from the ground up.

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> Well, I now have a trimmed-down kernel (2.2.19) with reiserfs
> support added (who wants to wait for 2 30Gig disks to fsck
> after a crash).

You mean you don't HAVE to fsck after a crash?  Could someone please give
more info on reiserfs? 

Also, here's a dilemma.  I have a 6300 with two RAID containers.  One is
two 4 gig drives that mirror mounted on /, and the other is six 36 gig
drives (RAID 5) mounted on /raid.

I have my entire system on the two 4 gig drives, but I want to upgrade
them to 9 gig drives.  So can I copy bin, sbin, usr, etc, and dev to
the /raid (the raid 5 container) , pull out the drives, and pop in the 9
gig drives, boot off a floppy, format the new drives and then copy them
back?  What's the best way to go about this?  Thanks in advance.


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