Trying to build Intel ANS... failing! Matt_Domsch at
Thu Aug 16 13:39:01 CDT 2001

> Surely it would make sense to ship Dell Linux servers with 
> the source code
> installed for the kernel they're actually running, rather 
> than a different version?

In an ideal world, yes.  But, the -enterprise patch that's in the 7.0 kernel
does far more than simply turn on another config option.  (in the 7.1
kernel, it's about that simple, so there are no symbol names that change).
We install the kernel sources provided by Red Hat on the CD, which do not
include the -enterprise patch.  Could we detect that a system has >1GB RAM,
know it's going to then use the -enterprise kernel, and install a different
set of kernel sources?  yes.  Did we think about it when we developed the
factory install process?  no.  Yet another way we could do things better.
Providing the source via a downloadable RPM is more than even Red Hat does.

In the 7.1 release, we don't have this issue of course.

> What exactly will this do? Is it re-building my kernel, or  what? 

Yes, but it's not installing that kernel.  For you, the important steps are
the make mrproper oldconfig dep, so that the symbol versioning files are
created properly.  You need those proper symbol versions when re-building
the iANS package so they match the running kernel.


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