Drivers for PERC 3/DC for RedHat 6.2?

Peter Arien Peter.Arien at
Thu Aug 16 12:03:00 CDT 2001

Michael E Brown wrote:

> Install the compat-* glibc stuff off of your CD, and you will have 6.2
> compatible C++ libs. Everything should run just fine on 7.1 with compat
> libs installed.

Well, not realy :-/ I had the same problem as Will. A 6450 that has

to run Oracle and some other stuff. Installing RedHat 7.1 was fun.
But Oracle didn't install. Not with the compat-* rpm's, not with
all the updates/patches I could find at the Oracle site.

So, back to 6.2.

First try: install another disk on the adaptec controller. Alas,
no room in the 6450 to do that, and no external disk available.

Second try: install a PERC2 controller (thank you, Koen Diependaele
from Dell-Belgium !!), attach the disks, install RedHat 6.2, install
the kernel-source package, update the megaraid drivers to
1.17a, comment out the 'versionhost->max_sectors = 1024;' line in
megaraid.c, rebuild, install the new kernel and reboot.

Good, PERC2 is detected.

Now, remove the PERC2 controller, install the PERC3 controller,
make it read the disk-configuration, reboot and _BINGO_ RH 6.2
working with PERC3. I know, the drivers-disk (linux dd) option
would have been easier. If only I would have found it earlier.

Well, I now have a trimmed-down kernel (2.2.19) with reiserfs
support added (who wants to wait for 2 30Gig disks to fsck
after a crash).

Of course, now I need to find a way to get this kernel to
recognise the DRAC card. Back to :-)


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