serial adapters for use in PowerEdge 1550 running Linux 7.1

Hubbard, David dhubbard at
Thu Aug 16 09:59:00 CDT 2001

	Dell sells Digi boards but I've been burned by them
in the past so I don't use Digi products anymore.

Although not quite the same as what you're doing, at my
office we use Comtrol cards.  Actually, we have this Dell
server with two Comtrol 95900-7 cards, each one is a
PCI card that supports 32 serial ports.  The cards page is
at the following URL:

The specs on the 95900-7 card as well as the other smaller
density cards can be found here:

We use those two cards and plug them into two 1U rack mount
32-port serial boxes that provide 32 RJ45 serial ports each.

With that, we have 64 serial ports in 3U of rack space and
we run cables to the consoles of a server farm of Sun
servers so we can ssh into the linux box and use minicom to
be on the console of any server we need to be without going
to the server.

If you're looking for something like that or want to do
data acquisition, etc. the Comtrol solution will work
great and has always had great linux support where some of
the others haven't always been there.

If you just need some ports that are network accessible,
Cyclades makes a product that is a standalone box with an
ethernet jack and 4 to 16 serial ports, it's a good solution
if you don't want to use a machine for this:


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> I apologize in advance for the question but I can't find what 
> I'm looking for on the Dell site.  I asked our Gov't sales
> engineer this question but never got a response.
> I need to procure a PCI-based RS232 serial adapter card (4 or 
> 8 port) for use in the PE1550 we've recently ordered for
> installation on a US Gov't research ship.  Do you have any
> recommendations for cards known to work under Linux?
> These are great computers for use on ships because of their 
> compact design!
> Thanks for you help!
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