serial adapters for use in PowerEdge 1550 running Linux 7.1 (fwd)

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Thu Aug 16 08:09:00 CDT 2001

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Subject: Re: serial adapters for use in PowerEdge 1550 running Linux 7.1

You can purchase Digi PCI serial port concentrator through Dell. It is
natively supported under Linux.

Michael Brown
Linux OS Development
Dell Computer Corp

On Wed, 15 Aug 2001, Scott Ferguson wrote:

> I apologize in advance for the question but I can't find what I'm looking
> for on the Dell site.  I asked our Gov't sales engineer this question but
> never got a response.
> I need to procure a PCI-based RS232 serial adapter card (4 or 8 port) for
> use in the PE1550 we've recently ordered for installation on a US Gov't
> research ship.  Do you have any recommendations for cards known to work
> under Linux?
> These are great computers for use on ships because of their compact design!
> Thanks for you help!
> Scott Ferguson
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> Currently in Honolulu
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