PERC 3/DC Drivers for RedHat 6.2?

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Fri Aug 10 15:35:00 CDT 2001

Hi guys,

OK, looks like I'll have to wait on the RH 6.2 3/DC drivers (I did in the meantime check on under my system tag, and the SCSI RAID controller page didn't have a driver for the 3/DC for RH 6.2 -- now I know why :) The hardware rocks, and I was already bummed that I am forced by Real to downgrade from 7.1 to 6.2 to support their overpriced server software.... grrrrrr. The real (Real?) bummer is that I have a client that is hosting RealMedia with us who is off the air until I get this server running RealServer (7.0 Plus, FYI) again.

I'd of course be very willing to be a guinea pig for the PERC 3/DC driver for RH 6.2. Let me know when it's available.

Thanks for all your help,


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OK, I'll respond to the driver disk thing over there.
We tested 6.2 on the 2550, but not with the PERC 3/DC card (as it was too new for 6.2, as you've found out).  We're factory installing 7 and 7.1, but no longer factory installing 6.2.  I don't think we ever FI'd 6.2 on a 2550, as 7.1 was available soon after 2550 launch.  Our strategy has been to FI the current release and one back, and to stop shipping N-2 when N is ready.

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  Hi Matt,

  Thanks for the quick reply!!! I really appreciate your help. I also sent my message to linux-poweredge@, so if you'd rather I'd pursue my correspondence thru that channel and not your personal corp email, I'll do that.

  That said, I am wondering, does Dell officially ship/support RedHat 6.2 on the PowerEdge 2550? If so, I would guess that Dell may have a custom distro of RH6.2 that supports the PERC controllers. Do you know?

  Thanks again,

  Will Dennis
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    One of my teammates/engineers has it on his plate to make a megaraid driver disk for 6.2 for exactly this reason.  Unfortunately, that work has gotten buried behind a couple of more critical projects.  I'll see if the work's done, and you might have to be a test subject... :-)
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