Drivers for PERC 3/DC for RedHat 6.2?

Will Dennis willd at
Fri Aug 10 14:33:00 CDT 2001


I am adminning a new Dell 2550 with the PERC 3/DC RAID controller. RedHat 7.1 went onto the machine fine, but now I am forced to wipe the OS and install RedHat 6.2 (damn RealServer doesn't support the latest C++ libs & kernel!) Even though RedHat's site seems to indicate that megaraid.o is a part of RedHat 6.2 and therefore should support this hardware, when the install routine gets to looking for a disk to install to, it indicates that "no vaild devices were found on which to create new filesystems". I assume I need to use a driver disk for this controller, and boot the install with "linux dd". Can I find such a driver on Dell's site that is ready to use with RedHat 6.2? (I did see that your page has a link to the latest tarballs of the megaraid driver, but I do not know how to compile it, or if they will even work with RedHat 6.2...) Thanks for any help you can provide.

Will Dennis
P-Wave, Inc.
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