Michael E Brown michael_e_brown at dell.com
Mon Aug 6 07:19:01 CDT 2001

On Sun, 5 Aug 2001, Zeki Mokhtarzada wrote:

> Speaking of remote management.  I have a 6300 and a few 2300's.  All the
> machines have "server management bus daisy-chain connectors".  They sound
> very useful.  But I was wandering, what exactly do these let you do, where
> can I get cables, and what operating systems support them?

These cables are for connecting (old, obsolete) Powervault SDS-100
disk arrays. The ESM firmware onboard can talk to firmware on the array
and monitor environmental sensors. These are not really used for much
nowadays, and believe me, you don't want an SDS-100 just so you can use
the smbus connectors :-).  The Dell OpenManage product is what is used to
read sensors on the smbus, so, if you had one of these things, the
Openmanage software is what you would want. Openmanage is now available
for Red Hat Linux 7.0, and will soon be available for Red Hat Linux 7.1
(watch this mailing list for announcements)

Michael Brown
Linux OS Development
Dell Computer Corp

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