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Mon Aug 6 07:13:00 CDT 2001

On Sat, 4 Aug 2001, Dirk wrote:

> Hi,
> we have a couple of 1550s, from the hardware perspective they
> are great computers. the very new ones we got recently also have
> PXE boot on board (btw: is it possible to upgrade the old ones?).

BIOS A04 is available for download at http://support.dell.com/filelib. It
has support for PXE and can be put on all your 1550s.

> also, for the recent ones we got bleeding edge techology: 18gig
> 15k rpm drives and 1'' 72gig drives.
> i have a few questions however concerning remote/lights out
> management:
> - if i enable bios AND lilo serial direction, lilo's getting
> stuck at "LI".
>    it's reproducible with the old systems, i haven't checked the
> new ones
>    we got yet.

BIOS Bug. 1) upgrade to A04, 2) Turn off serial redirection in LILO, and
get rid of the "message=" line. The BIOS will handle redirection of the
LILO prompt for you and everything should work fine.

> - is there a possibility powercycling the 1550 remotely if things
> got stuck?


>    some Intel server chipsets provide this funtionality (VALinux
> built those
>    machines, IBMs servers have another chipset). i  desperately
> need
>    that, currently i accomplish this with a baytech powerstrip.
> that works,
>    but for the number of farm computers we want, it's more a
> kludge than
>    a good solution.

Dell sells the Dell Remote Assistant Card (DRAC) which supports lights-out
managment. On the, 1550s though, there are a couple of drawbacks to using
them. First, I believe that you can only run single-processor because DRAC
physically conflicts with the heat-sink on one cpu, also, it will be
several weeks before Red Hat Linux 7.1 is supported. Talk to your
salesperson for more details on the features of DRAC.

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> thx,
>         ~dirkw
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