Dirk dirkw at rentec.com
Sat Aug 4 11:32:00 CDT 2001


we have a couple of 1550s, from the hardware perspective they
are great computers. the very new ones we got recently also have
PXE boot on board (btw: is it possible to upgrade the old ones?).

also, for the recent ones we got bleeding edge techology: 18gig
15k rpm drives and 1'' 72gig drives.

i have a few questions however concerning remote/lights out

- if i enable bios AND lilo serial direction, lilo's getting
stuck at "LI".
   it's reproducible with the old systems, i haven't checked the
new ones
   we got yet.

- is there a possibility powercycling the 1550 remotely if things
got stuck?
   some Intel server chipsets provide this funtionality (VALinux
built those
   machines, IBMs servers have another chipset). i  desperately
   that, currently i accomplish this with a baytech powerstrip.
that works,
   but for the number of farm computers we want, it's more a
kludge than
   a good solution.


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