Kernel Recommendations? Matt_Domsch at
Thu Aug 2 12:54:00 CDT 2001

> I have a shiny new Poweredge 2500 here and 
> I'm wondering if there's any kind of consensus
> as to what versions of the 2.4 kernel the box will
> be most stable with. I'm especially interested in
> the aacraid stuff, as well.
> Is the default Redhat 7.1 install "good enough"?
> I have to rebuild and repartition the disks, so I
> might as well go completely under the hood..

Dell of course recommends Red Hat Linux.  The 7.1 retail distribution is
pretty good, so long as you're sure to upgrade all the errata available from
Red Hat's site, especially the kernel.  If you just bought the system with
Linux from Dell, you'll have a copy of Dell's "System Builder Edition",
which is retail plus a bunch of errata rolled in.  That works great, but
again, grab any later errata (including the errata kernel) from Red Hat's


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