[Linux-Desktops] camera support of dell latitiude 7285

stephen pearce pearce.sg at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 19:56:38 CDT 2018


The latitiude 7285 has omnivision cameras.

I have got it to boot linux mint 18.3 sylvia using the micro sd slot ...
however the cameras are not recognized .. and power off suspend does not
work ...

I can provide hwinfo, lshw, lspci and lsusb output if it is useful ..
though it is quite a big print out.

Omnivision seem to be pretty closed shop about their drivers looking at
their web site.

Interestingly the wireless charging is fine, the wifi ok, the touch screen
seems ok and the display is functional albet a bit flakey. Also when I
addd  a usb-c expander
the usb a ports are ok but usb-c port seems unrecognized as is the ethernet
port (this was a non propriety device as the dell one is much more

By the way .. does anyone know of a good swype like on screen keyboard for
linux .. florence works and has primitive swype functionality but its
predictive and correcting texting capability is very limited)


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