[Linux-Desktops] page up key repeats a whole bunch times when I press it once

Michael Butash michael at butash.net
Fri Sep 9 23:30:27 CDT 2016

Oddly I have a Latitude e7220 that I get this on almost constantly 
across all keys, that it'll just repeat to infinity on at times after 
furious typing and/or backspacing.  Hitting two keys at the same time 
seems to trigger it.  I'm amazed I haven't thrown it across a room at 
times, but I really do like the device otherwise that I've learned to 
almost just deal with it.

I figured it was more a defective keyboard I've been too lazy to try and 
deal with clueless dell support with testing anything around linux, but 
interesting others see this too.  Maybe some sort of hardware or 
acpi/bios level defect?


On 09/09/2016 02:15 PM, Brian E. Lavender wrote:
> I have have a Dell Inspiron 11 3000 with Ubuntu installed. If I hit the Fn-PgUp, it goes
> page up a whole bunch of times. The page up key is combined with the up arrow key. I hold
> the Fn key to get page up.
> Any tips?
> Thanks,
> brian

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