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Matt Domsch Matt_Domsch at
Wed Feb 23 10:26:46 CST 2011

On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 04:10:24PM +0000, Tom Chiverton wrote:
> >
> "Ethernet NICs embedded on the motherboard will be named em[1234]
> rather than ethX. PCI add-in card NICs will be named
> pci<slot>p<port>_<vf>. "
> I had no idea until right now there was any plan to stop calling the
> primary nic eth0, and start using something else that know one will
> recognise, and will make a whole bunch of tutorials, scripts and other
> programs stop working.

Possibly, yes.  Existing installations, including upgrades from one OS
version to another, will retain whatever naming they currently use.
Starting with Fedora 15, new installations will get the new naming
convention by default (unless disabled by kernel command line option).

> One assumes this will eventually happen not just on Fedora ?

Yes.  I expect this in Ubuntu 10.04 alpha 3 as well.  We have been
discussing with other OS distributions and expect it everywhere
eventually.  Non-Linux OSs are also looking at implementing
biosdevname or similar.
> I assume everyone else must be better informed than myself ?

Unlikely, hence I'm trying to spread the word (or warning, as you may
see it) as wide as I can.
notes a bit of press coverage recently on it.


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