Any Dell systems with Ubuntu?

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I won't go into detail about why the shift has occurred, but specifically on the US and European websites you won't be able to purchase new machines with Ubuntu today.

However, this doesn't mean that efforts for Ubuntu enablement have been abandoned.  We're still working with Canonical to make sure as much hardware as possible is supported with the latest Ubuntu versions, including BIOS fixes that would otherwise prevent Ubuntu from working well during HW development phases.

You'll be able to find detailed results of each of these machines at shortly after new machines launch.  So next time you are considering a purchase of a Dell machine for use with Ubuntu, I recommend querying that website to find out more about how Ubuntu will work with it.

For some business client machines you can still purchase via a representative at telesales for your company, they just won't be listed on the website for purchase with Ubuntu.
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Any systems coming with Ubuntu these days? I see that the

doesn't work anymore.


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