how-to upgrade Vostro V13n to 10.4?

Pastor JW pastor_jw at
Tue Jul 20 15:58:32 CDT 2010

On Tuesday, July 20, 2010 11:25:55 am Miguel A. Hernáiz wrote:
> Just ordered my Vostro V13n! I called Dell to find out about differences
> between the Vostro V13n and the Latitude 13, and ended up having them
> customize for me a Vostro V13n with the Core 2 Solo processor, the 320gb
> 7200rpm hard drive and a 1.3 webcam with digital mic for just $549.
> The system has not arrived just yet but I'm already wondering what is the
> best approach to upgrade to 10.4, making sure that webcam and mic keep
> working. Should I upgrade the factory-shipped image of Ubuntu, use a fresh
> download from or use the iso found at

Congrats on your new machine!!  The upgrade should go via web install on your 
factory install just fine keeping everything in place like the factory set-up 
was.  I would however, make a CD of the factory setup, the iso is generally on 
your desktop when you first boot the machine.

I have been very happy with the four Inspiron 1525n machines we bought and we 
wanted two more lately  but sadly Dell wasn't offering any laptops that would 
fit our needs.  We depend heavily on Skype and DVD playing abilities.  We were 
thinking of upgrading all six to more modern machines but it was not to be.  
Ended up having to buy the two needed Kubuntu machines elsewhere instead of 
from Dell.

73 de N7PSV aka Pastor JW <n><   PDGA# 35276  _Registered Kubuntu User: #27403

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