how-to upgrade Vostro V13n to 10.4?

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Tue Jul 20 14:17:48 CDT 2010


First thing's first, make backup media of the image on the system using the tool on the system.  Then I would recommend doing the standard web upgrade.  If for some reason something goes wrong, you'll have the right media to get back to the start.

On 07/20/2010 01:25 PM, Miguel A. Hernáiz wrote:
> Just ordered my Vostro V13n! I called Dell to find out about differences between the Vostro V13n and the Latitude 13, and ended up having them customize for me a Vostro V13n with the Core 2 Solo processor, the 320gb 7200rpm hard drive and a 1.3 webcam with digital mic for just $549.
> The system has not arrived just yet but I'm already wondering what is the best approach to upgrade to 10.4, making sure that webcam and mic keep working. Should I upgrade the factory-shipped image of Ubuntu, use a fresh download from or use the iso found at
> Thanks for your help. Best regards.
> Miguel 

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