New Latitude E5410 compatibility problems

Andrea Ratto andrearatto_liste at
Sat Jul 10 01:53:46 CDT 2010

Bought a new laptop, hoping compatibility was perfect. Turns out it is
not. Probably the whole E**10 series has these problems:

The touchpad and touchpoint are recognized as a generic mouse, so no
touchpad-specific features, like scrolling. This really makes it
annoying to use.
Please do a "cat /proc/bus/input/devices" and see if you have a Generic
mouse or some Touchpad and "DualPoint Stick".
I would really like dell to investigate the issue. It's probably just
some identifiers missing from the ps2 driver.

The SD controller does not work.

Standby does not work on ubuntu 10.4, but did from the 10.10 alpha live
cd, so it's less relevant. However touchpad and sd reader do not work in
the 10.10 alpha too.

I always recommended Latitudes to linux fans, but at this moment I would
not. It always felt like Dell was testing their laptops with linux, but
this time they clearly did not.

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