Studio 1458 w/Kubuntu 10.04: Orange CD/DVD keys don't work

Jason Tiller jason at
Mon Aug 16 19:16:27 CDT 2010

Hi, Ward, :)

Thanks for the reply!

On Mon, 16 Aug 2010, Ward Poelmans wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 10:04, Jason Tiller <jason at> wrote:

>> <Fn+F1>: Panel/External Display switch
>>    No action at all.  'xev' shows me this when I use it to monitor my
>>    keyboard:

> The key for Panel/External display just works automatically here.

What should I expect?  Should I configure the Kubuntu display settings
(System Settings->Displays) to enable both of them?

>> <Fn+F2>: Wireless switch
>>    Correctly turns off the wireless radio, but when I turn it back on,
>>    I can never reconnect to my access point.

> If the wireless key doesn't work, check your dmesg output.

Not much luck there.  NetworkManager doesn't write much to the system
log (although daemon.log is helpful).  It doesn't make a lot of sense
to me.  My only solution so far has been to reload the iwl{agn,core}
modules and then do it all by hand (iwconfig wlan0 essid..., etc.).
After a reboot, NetworkManager is up fine.

You didn't mention the orange "Eject" key (where F13 would be).  Does
that work for you, too?

I'll continue fiddling and will report back.


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