No audio on Vostro 1400

Lee Moffitt lee.moffitt at
Fri Mar 20 18:09:00 CDT 2009

I went into the gnome-control-center. Under the sound icon, tried the tests.
For each test (e.g., Sound Events), the following results:
For STAC92xx, ALSA, and OSS, I hear no sound, either on speakers or
earphones. For ESD and PulseAudio, I get error messages.

When I went into the Sounds tab, I hear no system sounds.
What's the procedure for getting in touch with a tech? ( I assume there is a
charge $$).

Thanks Ed!

Ok...   Do you have icon access to your Gnome Control Center?  If not,
> you can find it in as /usr/bin/gnome-control-center.  Locate it and
> double-click on the diamond-shaped icon.
> It works kinda like a Winderz Control Panel on steroids (be careful!).
> In the Hardware section, there's a speaker-icon identified as "sound,"
> with several pull-down menus, from which you can adjust several settings
> and test each one individually.  Please try that and tell us what luck?
> Failing that, you'll likely need to chat with a Dell Linux tech and get
> his/her ideas...
> Cheers;
> Ed
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