No audio on Vostro 1400

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Sun Mar 15 02:47:26 CDT 2009

Sound works on openSUSE-11.0 according to the openSUSE hardware
compatibility list:

I've read, in openSUSE-11.0 you do have to add a line to the
/etc/modprobe.d/sound file with the option model=3stack.  If your kernel
sound module is "snd-hda-intel", then the syntax of the line will look
something like this:

options snd-hda-intel model=3stack

You can add that to the front of the file.  Sometimes users make
mistakes in what they report in the HCL, so its possible that is not the
correct solution, but I'm am confident the correct solution can be found.

There is also an audio troubleshooting guide for openSUSE here:

You can get help for various openSUSE problems on the openSUSE forums:

Lee Moffitt wrote:
> Hi!
> I've owned a Vostro 1400 for about a year now, and have gone through
> several iterations of Ubuntu with ZERO sound. (I'm currently on 8.04).
> I've tried various suggestions offered here and on other boards
> without success. ANY help would be appreciated. Here are some other
> factoids:
> 1. I get sound just fine on my Windoz (XP) dual boot.
> 2. I did a triple boot of openSuSE11.0, but no sound on it, either.
> 3. Occasionally (maybe 1 time in 100) when I boot up into Ubuntu, I do
> get sound!
> Weird, huh?
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