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Mario Limonciello mario_limonciello at Dell.com
Wed Mar 4 10:59:48 CST 2009

Hi Vishal:

Vishal Vatsa wrote:
> Hi Mario,
> Wow, fairplay on making me eat my words :o)
> Now I have a question, do you or any one else from Dell
> know if there is any one going work in Dell with regards
> to the GMA-500 (Poulsbo) driver for linux.
I had a feeling you were referring to the silence thus far about the
GMA-500.  Currently the driver is a closed source solution due to a lot
of the IP that's involved inside the hardware acceleration of that
chip.  Intel has line of sight for an open source driver for it, but I
can't assign a date to when that will be happening.
> I am really disappointed that it only works for a specific kernel version.
> I have tried to install it 8.04.2 but have been unable to get psb
> driver to work
> on my mini-12.
The images that go out on the mini-12 are customized versions of 8.04.x
LTS as you've noticed.  I believe you have to be running an LPIA kernel
because the support for the DRM module that gets paired with poulsbo is
only available with it, but I might be mistaken.  You'll want to check
with the kernel and/or graphics teams from Canonical on this.
> Since I was an early buyer of the mini-12 when it was launched, I got it
> with vista, it was an bad assumption on my part that I would be able to
> install ubuntu on it, since Dell where going to ship with ubuntu any way.
Sorry for the miscommunication here.  When Intel has an open source
solution developed you'll be able to install a Vanilla Ubuntu on these
> I have tired to get the official Dell-Ubuntu install media for the mini-12
> but can't get my hands on a version with a working xserver-xorg-psb driver.
Have you already tried to talk to the phone support people to send you
media?  I believe that's your best avenue.


Mario Limonciello
*Dell | Linux Engineering*
mario_limonciello at dell.com
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