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Sun Mar 1 05:52:45 CST 2009

There was a kernel update earlier this week on openSUSE-11.1 to the kernel, and that broke the sound on some new Dell
computers running openSUSE-11.1 Linux.  For example it very briefly
broke the sound on my Dell Studio 15 running openSUSE-11.1.

But the fix is easy, if your Dell has internet access.  There is
guidance here:

You must send six zypper commands. Three commands to update the basic
alsa packages (such as alsa, alsa-oss, alsa-plugins, alsa-plugins-pulse,
alsa-utils, ... etc ... ).  And three commands to install the basic alsa
driver (alsa-driver-kmp-your-kernel-verison).

You can tell what alsa rpms you have installed by typing:
     rpm -qa | grep alsa

You can tell what kernel you have installed by typing:
     uname -a

In my case, since I had the 2.7.27_9.1-6.1-pae kernel (which was updated
to the kernel), and I had in place older versions of
alsa, alsa-utils, alsa-plugins, alsa-plugins-pulse, alsa-firmware,
alsa-tools, alsa-oss) I simply sent the following 6 zypper comamnds
(note your commands may be different based upon your kernel version (ie
default or pae)). I also typed 'su' first (no quotes - enter root
password) to get root permissions:

         zypper ar multimedia

         zypper install alsa alsa-oss alsa-plugins alsa-plugins-pulse alsa-utils alsa-tools alsa-firmware libasound2

         zypper rr multimedia

         zypper ar multimedia

         zypper install alsa-driver-kmp-pae

         zypper rr multimedia

And then I restarted my PC, went to YaST > Hardware > Sound > Other >
Volume and moved both PCM and Master volume to around 95%, and then
closed YaST. Then I went to my mixer (kmix on my KDE-3.5.10) and moved
up PCM and Master to a reasonable setting, and I had sound. 

Thats all.

Good luck.

Lee (aka oldcpu)

Mayank Daga wrote:
> suddenly sound not working on suse11.1 on inspiron 1420.
> please help.
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> Regards,
> Mayank Daga
> Senior Undergraduate Student,
> Department of Information Technology,
> National Institute of Technology, Durgapur,
> India
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