pptp support on Mini 9

David Ayers ayers at fsfe.org
Sun Jun 14 15:15:22 CDT 2009

Hello Brian,

Am Sonntag, den 14.06.2009, 00:47 -0700 schrieb Brian Lavender:
> I tried adding the pptp support to my mini 9 for Network Manager and it
> ended removing the current network manager package and I was left
> without a network connection. Is there support for pptp through Network
> Manager on the stock Ubuntu 8.04 on my Mini 9?

I currently have a similar issue...

It seems that the package did not get updated for hardy.  The intrepid
package version is called 0.7~~svn20081015t024626-0ubuntu1.8.10.1 which
seems to match the hardy packages of the other network-manager*

I wanted to "apt-get source" the intrepid package an build if for hardy
but "apt-get build-dep network-manager-pptp" brings it all kinds of
gnome development packages and scared me off.

I might try to install the i686 intrepid package but I do hope that
whoever maintains dell-mini.archive.canonical.com could check whether
the intrepid source package could be easily copied/backported to hardy
LTS and have that updated.

Would it help to report this on launchpad?  Does this version mismatch
also exist in Hardy proper?


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