A rant on Dell and linux/ubuntu

Matthieu Bertin bertinm at esiee.fr
Mon Jun 1 16:48:54 CDT 2009

i'd looove to hea

On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 11:45 PM, Matthew Geier <matthew at acfr.usyd.edu.au>wrote:

>  On 01/06/09 18:30, O. Sinclair wrote:
>   At my work, we are not allowed to order machines with no windows
> license even if we have no intention of using it. The leasing company
> has stipulated that all machines MUST have a windows license sticker on
> them so they can see them end of lease with an OS on them. (And we have
> a lot of desktop Linux users, Unix labs, etc)
>  And that is what I call not acceptable - why should you be forced  by
> anyone to buy a product you do not intend to use?
>  One of the departments even banned it's Unix admins from running Linux
> desktops. They were 'directed' that they must do all 'business' using the
> standard OS/tools.
>  The windows centric central IT management looked at the Unix using
> departments and basically said 'wierdos, why can't you use the SOE like
> normal people'.  So saying 'why buy something we are not going to use' got
> no sympathy what so ever.
>  Site licensing deals also hide the costs of MSOffice, so not using it gets
> even more comments - why use OO when MSOffice is 'free'. ?
>  And our central IT was a big Unix site - in 4 years of changed management
> they have managed to pretty well destroy the Unix/OSS core and replace it
> with....
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