A rant on Dell and linux/ubuntu

Matthew Geier matthew at acfr.usyd.edu.au
Mon Jun 1 16:45:52 CDT 2009

On 01/06/09 18:30, O. Sinclair wrote:
>>   At my work, we are not allowed to order machines with no windows
>> license even if we have no intention of using it. The leasing company
>> has stipulated that all machines MUST have a windows license sticker on
>> them so they can see them end of lease with an OS on them. (And we have
>> a lot of desktop Linux users, Unix labs, etc)
> And that is what I call not acceptable - why should you be forced  by
> anyone to buy a product you do not intend to use?

  One of the departments even banned it's Unix admins from running Linux 
desktops. They were 'directed' that they must do all 'business' using 
the standard OS/tools.
  The windows centric central IT management looked at the Unix using 
departments and basically said 'wierdos, why can't you use the SOE like 
normal people'.  So saying 'why buy something we are not going to use' 
got no sympathy what so ever.

  Site licensing deals also hide the costs of MSOffice, so not using it 
gets even more comments - why use OO when MSOffice is 'free'. ?

  And our central IT was a big Unix site - in 4 years of changed 
management they have managed to pretty well destroy the Unix/OSS core 
and replace it with....

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