A rant on Dell and linux/ubuntu

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 04:14:58 CDT 2009

oldcpu wrote:
> Ahh ... so the complaint is NOT that you can not buy a Dell that is
> Linux compatible, ... the complain is you can not buy a Dell with Linux
> pre-installed.
Correct - and the complaint is that in some parts of the world I can and 
not in others. I fail to understand the, to me, halfhearted approach.

> Given how easy it is to install Linux when a manufacturer (like Dell)
> take the time and effort to ensure their offering is Linux compatible,
> then I don't see that as a big issue. To me what is important is Linux
> runs on the PC, and it runs because Dell with Ubuntu support took the
> time to ensure it does run. That benefits all Linux distributions.
while I agree I question why I have to pay for a software I do not want 
just because I live in the wrong part of the woods.

> If I wanted to be negative in my assessment, I would rant and complain
> why does Dell only offer Ubuntu and not x-Linux nor y-Linux. The truth
> is it does not matter what Linux, as long as it is a reasonably
> supported Linux that tries to follow the Linux trends and rather loose
> standards. Linux is Linux and as long as Dell have taken the time and
> effort to ensure compatibility with Linux (and clearly they have done
> so) then IMHO that is adequate.
> And clearly YOU CAN get a Dell laptop that will work with Ubuntu. Its
> just you don't want to install Ubuntu on a Linux compatible Dell PC.
> That was NOT clear from your initial rant (per the subject: "A rant on
> Dell and linux/ubuntu).
> In truth, from my perspective, this is a Ubuntu rant, and not a Linux rant.
Well we differ on that one. I would not care if Dell sold Suse Linux 
Enterprise or whatever but they choose Ubuntu. So have I for various 
reasons, I have tried out x number of other distros but come back to 
Ubuntu for the strong support online.

What I argue is that if you sell a product you should go "all the way" 
and not sell it in a few countries and hidden away in obscurity on your 
online shop. Yes, I would like to buy pre-installed if I could and not 
buy with MS and then install linux afterwards. I am saying that I had 
expectations when Dell started selling preinstalled Ubuntu computers 
that have not been fulfilled - whether these expectations were realistic 
is another story.

Just like you I bought a Dell that I knew was/is compatible with linux 
and made sure that the configuration was "linux-friendly". Had I lived 
in the US or UK at the time I could have ordered it without Windows. 
Living here I could not and as it happened I had a friend buying it for 
me in Scandinavia - cheaper than here but still with Windows on it.

I do understand that the price of hardware/software can not be the same 
worldwide but I do not understand why I can not have the same choice. I 
fail to see where Dell is going with linux preinstalled.

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