Nvidia drivers not recognizing D630C laptop screen

Patrick Landry pml at louisiana.edu
Thu Feb 26 08:51:55 CST 2009

I have been running CentOS on my D630C laptop for well over a
year. I installed the proprietary Nvidia X drivers and everything
worked great. The performance of the Nvidia drivers is much
better than the nv drivers. I have upgraded the Nvidia drivers and
the kernel on the machine several times.

A few weeks ago X began to not recognize my laptop display. When
X starts the LCD screen goes black and the VGA port is activated.
The Xorg.0.log states:
   No display devices connected; falling back to: CRT-0
even though there is no external monitor connected.

Switching back to the nv driver works so the basic functionality of
the LCD screen is OK. And when I connect a screen to the VGA port
the Nvidia driver works as expected.

I have seen other people who have the same problem say that adding
   Options "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP"
   Options "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP-0"
solved their problem. Neither worked for me. I have also seen other
people state that that solution did not work for them either.

I contacted Dell support to no avail. The machine was shipped with
XP installed so they aren't interested in a Linux problem.
Understandable. If this is a hardware problem (which is what I
suspect now) can anyone tell me what I would do under XP to 
demonstrate the problem to Dell support?

Any help appreciated.


Patrick Landry
Asst. CIO
Director, University Computing Support Services
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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