dell inspiron mini-9, no sound

Glenn Williams glenn.e.williams at
Wed Feb 25 05:32:44 CST 2009

I'm on my iPod touch, so I can't give a link (can't cut +paste) - but
I did find a link to a fedora forums post with a link to an answer.
Google 'ubuntu forums mini no sound' it should be on the first page.
If you don't find it email me and I'll fire up my coal powered laptop
and send a link.

On 2/23/09, Jim Barber <jim.barber.linux at> wrote:
> I took delivery of the mini in January and have had quite a few problems
> with Ubuntu on it.  I have been an enthusiastic user of Ubuntu on a
> Toshiba laptop for over a year and a half and it is about as close to
> perfect  now as one should expect from a computer.
> The Mini_9, after the first time, was not able to update again nor
> upgrade to 8.04.2 with either the update manager or apt-get.  Everything
> in Synaptics was set correctly.
> I reinstalled with the Dell factory supplied DVD with the same results
> plus some other new problems.
> Then I discovered about the Dell recovery disk through Ubuntu forums,
> Dell section.  It is the one that is not supported by Dell.  The regular
> live CD of Ubuntu had a lot of issues on the Dell, as well.
> Ubuntu is working very well now, but it has no sound.  All indications
> on the desktop show that there is sound.  I performed all the sound
> tests in sound preferences with negative results.  I can mute and mute it
> I have been studying the file system and the command line.  I am only a
> beginner at it but I feel that there maybe a simple fix somewhere in the
> source code in the file system.  I just do not know enough yet to know
> for what I should be looking.
> The sound is a top priority beause I purchased the mini to take ashore
> to internet cafes instead of my much heavier Toshiba laptop while we are
> sailing in Mexico and to watch an occasional movie while at anchor.
> Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Jim
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