GNOME (Ubuntu 8.10) Freezes on Login (Optiplex GX260)

Lawrence Houston dell at
Sun Feb 22 16:52:51 CST 2009

Dell Linux Users:

After installing Stock Ubuntu 8.10 (Desktop) on an Optiplex GX260 the 
Computer's Screen goes Blank when I "Attempt" a Login to Start a GNOME Session 
(nothing else seems to happen outside the Mouse Cursor still moves???)!!!  The 
GX260 will NOT respond to <Ctrl><Alt><BS> as an "Emergency Exit" from X11 and 
NOR will the GX260 respond to <Ctrl><Alt><F1> for Console Access???  Graphics 
Mode during the Installation (Wubi, Live, Native) proceed "Normally" and I can 
switch to a Console before a GNOME Based Login is "Attempted" and from the 
Console Ubuntu 8.10 itself seems to be running just fine...  A "Failsafe 
Terminal" works correctly, so I assume the Basic X11 is "Fine"???  The GX260 
has On-board Intel 82845G Graphics (BIOS Settings: 8 MB Video Buffer, AGP 
Aperture 128 MB).  Remote GNOME Sessions (NX from NoMachine) work as 
expected!!!  Stock Ubuntu 8.04.1 (Alternate) seems to fare better since I can 
Login and start GNOME Sessions???

Suggesting a "Conflict" between Ubuntu 8.10's GNOME and the "Higher Functions" 
of the GX260's On-board Intel Graphics???  If another DELL/GX260 User could 
explain what is going on and what the "Workaround" might be that would be 
greatly appreciated!!!

Lawrence Houston  --  (dell at

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