future for built-in modems was: Re: Solution I found for PGP warning on dell-team apt-get repository

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 04:37:51 CST 2009

Mario_Limonciello at Dell.com wrote:
> Hi Brian:
> No:
> * 64 Bit is not supported by Dell at all.  There is of course a 64 bit
> Ubuntu, but you are on your own
> * None of the systems that will be having 8.10 have internal modems, so
> no drivers are provided for them
> I would recommend keeping the system at 8.04 if you need to have a
> modem.
OK this was/is interesting news. I take it to mean that users like me
with a "supported modem" in our computer should not upgrade beyond 8.04
or buy/get driver from Linuxant?


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